Why choose Santa & Me?

First and foremost, Santa & Me is a known brand. We are to ornaments what Nike is to shoes. We have established relationships and trust with our customers. This is something that can not be bought and must be acheived through excellent customer service and great products and this we have already done for you. Second, our training program and support system is unlike any other. We make it easy for you to accomplish your business goals; don't take our word for it - this comes straight from our clients. We function like a franchise with franchise fee only and no royalties.

Last, but not the least, we are located in Canada, which means lower shipping costs and no customs/brokerage fees. In addition, you can always feel at ease by knowing that if you need something quickly it will be at your doorstep with haste. We all know how important this is during the holiday season.  

If you still have questions we’d be happy to answer them - we love talking about our company’s opportunities!

Personalised Ornaments

Personalized Christmas ornaments are a charming gift idea that appeals to a wide spectrum of retail  customers. They have become a yearly family tradition in countless households. The personal satisfaction that you gain from satisfying your customers is something to look forward to every year. Christmas is a multi billion dollar industry annually.

Training Videos

Studies show that visual training is highly effective. For this reason we have created three detailed videos on how to erase and use paint pens. Use your specific password to access these videos in the links below.

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