Common Questions

What is the minimum order quantity?

Heads (add on)
Pet Dish (add on)
Pet Heads (add on)
Table Tops
Door Hangers
Pets (Dogs & Cats)
Piggy Banks

Should we carry Piggy Banks; are they good sellers?

Piggy banks are the best sellers in all sizes. Remember all these loonies and toonies add up. Following are the ipctures from one of our customer who bought the piggy bank and after 6 months she saved $700, just by empting her pocket and putting the change in a piggy bank. Babys First Bank, Princess Castle, Sports Bank, etc etc are very famous and customers love to buy these so the kids can learn on how to save money. Its a great gift for everyone!

Why is there an MOQ of 12 ornaments?

First you need to understand how we recieve the boxes from the manufacturer this will help you better understand why our minimum quantity on ornaments is 12 pieces.

Every individual ornament is wrapped in bubble wrap and then 12 of these pieces are put in a small box. In other words, almost every style of ornament (with the exception of startup package) comes in 12 pieces per box. It will be too time consuming for us to start taking out 6 pieces from every box and put them in a different box. That is why we offer a startup package that contains 6 pieces each. Startup packages come "as is" from the manufacturer (that is 6pcs each); therefore we do not spend the time removing ornaments from the boxes, because that’s the way they come.

Should we carry Table Tops; are they good sellers?

Some of the population among us do not put a christmas tree during the season. Having tabletops will boost your sales by satisfying those customers. It can be a perfect gift for nana/papa and or mom/dad and or anyone. These can go on the top of firplace, night stand and even on the office table. Do not let your sales go because you think they dont sell. They sell as much as ornaments do.

This is my first time to do a retail business and I am not sure how many hooks I have to order?

If I order a startup package
If I order all pets (dogs & cats)
If I order all ornaments
248 hooks (SP2017)
55 hooks
Please call to get information

Why should we carry Pets (Dogs/Cats) ornaments; who will spend this much money on their pets. I know I wont?

Believe us when we say that we have seen in the past that some customers WILL NOT buy anything for their son/daughter/mom/dad etc but they will buy the ornament for their pet. Remember dogs/cats are part of our familes. We are all different from each other, some like pets and some dont. Never let your liking/disliking effect your sales.

What material should we use to build a display?

We recommend everyone to use SlatWall and paint it Blue.

What about Door Hangers, Stocking Holders, & Stockings?

People love to feel the christmas, a lot of customers buy these door hangers so that they can put on the front door of the house and before they walk in the house they can see the door hanger and feel the christmas before entering the house. Recommend customers not to put the year on it, as they can reuse it every year.

Stockings and Stocking holders sell, but not as much. You will see customers coming and asking for them though. If you dont have it, you have lost the sale. You have to make sure that your CORNER is one stop for eveything, for all age group. That is also why you can order only 1 pc. Always keep 1 or 2 handy because you may never know who is going to ask ;)

Does Santa & Me® give merchandise on credit?

We love to help our customer and thats why we do not have any franchise and/or any other fees. We do not give merchandise on credit. Please note that your shipment will not leave the warehouse unless the payment has been recieved/cleared. Thanks for your understanding! Have a great Season!!

What forms of payment does Santa & Me® accept?

We accept eMail Money Transfer, Wire Transfer, Master Card, Visa, and American Express.

Where should we buy the hooks?

You can order online from the following places: J & J Display Sales (Toronto), WR Display & Packaging (Calgary & Winnipeg) Eddies (Edmonton & Vancouver)

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